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Wildlife in Your City: 3D LED Phenomenon to the Naked Eye


Glasses-free 3D technology is changing urban landscapes. Without wearing glasses, naked-eye 3D technology can provide a novel visual experience.

It is one of the most effective "displays" that utilizes the parallax of the human eye to create realistic, immersive effects on outdoor LED screens. These displays can be used on corner screens and have become a hot topic on social media.In fact, naked-eye 3D technology (also known as "Smart Screen") uses two LED surfaces at different angles to create videos that comply with the principle of perspective. When viewers stand in front of these corner displays, they can see the sides and front of objects simultaneously, creating a realistic 3D effect.

Although naked-eye 3D technology itself is not an innovative revolution, it is considered a very creative technical expression because it brings a novel and unprecedented visual experience to the audience. This trend has encouraged artists and designers around the world to explore the potential of outdoor LED screens and boosted the development of the industry chain.Naked-eye 3D LED displays have also been successfully demonstrated in cases such as SM TOWN 3D wave screen in South Korea, Taikoo Li Spaceship in Chengdu, and Kaisa City Plaza.

These technologies are integrated into buildings and public spaces to create unique multimedia experiences for viewers.This technology not only serves as a public art medium, but also enhances brand value and leads the pursuit of urban environmental beauty.Naked-eye 3D LED screens are already being used for a variety of purposes: from advertising campaigns to public art installations.

1. A realistic 3D printed cat appeared on a billboard in Shinjuku, Tokyo, attracting widespread attention and becoming a popular landmark in the area.

2. Balenciaga and Fortnite created immersive 3D billboard experiences in cities including London, New York, Tokyo and Seoul, featuring the character Doggo (Raphael) wearing Chanel clothes.

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