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What is digital signage
A digital sign can be any endpoint with a screen – displays, video walls, touchscreens, desktops, tablets and mobiles.
Retailers and transit systems using digital signage are very common, and every day more and more campuses, government institutions and corporations are finding their own ways to benefit from this increasingly affordable technology.
Our digital sign software can be used in any environment… lobbies and reception areas, student lounges, cafeterias, break rooms, call centers, elevator banks, factory floors, meeting rooms…virtually any space, campus, or in venues across the globe – all managed from a central source.
Companies use digital signage to welcome visitors, show meeting schedules, or tell employees about progress to goals. Maybe students are reminded that registration ends tomorrow or directed to interactive wayfinding on touchscreens to find their way around campus. As the day comes to a close, screens in your facility might show local weather and traffic so that people can plan their commutes. What you show is really only limited by what you can imagine and create.
What are the benefits of digital signage?
To communicate with people, you have to get their attention. Watching TV and using computers has trained us to look at screens for information, so digital signage is a natural choice for reaching large audiences. It’s also better than email, printed posters, and bulletin boards because:
You can deliver breaking news in real-time
Screens are bright and show motion
You can have multiple things on a screen at once
You can change what’s on the screen throughout the day
It’s cheaper than print for big audiences
It’s better than print for green reasons
Each reason for communicating will have its own benefits:
To compel– student organizations and activities, benefits enrollment, charity drives
To inform– new policies at work, classes and training dates, wayfinding and directories, weather and news
To motivate– recognition and reward programs, stock prices and profit-sharing schemes, internal contests
To include– welcome messages, new hire and birthday announcements, community and social activities
To recognize– organization and individual achievements, safety benchmarks, sports teams stats
To warn– severe weather, fire and other emergencies, security threats

Why do I need a digital signage solution?

Digital signage not only informs and engages more people through creative presentation, but also reaches them instantly and reliably – and messages can be updated or retired in real-time. It’s a modern approach to organizational communications that draws in viewers with bright, animated graphics and interactivity.
These tools also improve your emergency preparedness by giving you a powerful and flexible tool to deliver security and weather alerts speedily. No matter how detailed or from what source, messages can be distributed in seconds.
Why do I need a digital signage solution?

PRO VISION DISPLAY CMS allows you to create, import and manage messages, alerts and media; schedule your messages to appear on the screens that you select; and deliver them to your audience in just minutes.
Feature-rich software applications
Affordable, beautiful content options
CAP-compliant alert notifications
Dedicated consulting and creative services
Easy implementation and training
Superior technical support

Interactive and e-paper room signs

Enterprise scalability with licensing options

Cloud, on-premise and bundled solutions
Competitive pricing
Over 7 years of experience
Dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction

More than 500 clients already use our digital signage software to deliver content to tens of thousands of endpoints.