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Outdoor displays use high bright LCD panels to make sure they are readable in direct sunlight. Brightness is usually expressed as a numerical value of nits. A nit is a unit of luminance measurement, or intensity of visible light, meaning the higher number of nits, the brighter the screen.
We would recommend at least a 1500nit brightness for any screen that is placed outdoors, but ultimately it would depend on how much sunlight the screen usually receives.
If the screen is not bright enough, similar to when a TV gets too much sunlight, it would become hard to read and could appear blank.
An IP rating is used in multiple different industries, but can also be used to rate digital screens, to classify the degree of protection provided by an enclosure.
It also defines the level of sealing and its effectiveness against ‘ingress’, which is the intrusion from foreign objects such as tools, dirt and water.
The outdoor displays we recommend would be IP65 rated, which are enclosed to be totally protected against dust and low pressure jets of water from all directions.
Any outdoor equipment is going to be exposed to the public and not always under surveillance. Therefore we would want to know that our items have some sort of protection, especially for digital screens.
The IK rating is used for this and indicates the degree of protection provided by the enclosure for the internal components, including the screen itself.
For digital screens in high traffic areas, an IK10 rating is recommended. The IK10 enclosure can protect against 20 joules of impact, which is the equivalent of a 5kg mass dropped from 400mm above the impacted surface.
Being outdoors and exposed to the elements, digital screens have internal temperature control systems and ambient light sensors.
The internal temperature control system, using internal airflow, keep the screens components running at their optimal temperature to maximise the lifespan of the screen.
Ambient light sensors automatically adjust the screens brightness to withstand the present environment lighting. This prevents the screen being too bright in public areas and prolongs the lifetime of the battery.
The majority of the outdoor displays we supply are classed as an all-in-one digital signage solution.
The displays use commercial grade components, allowing them to be in use 24-7. They also have an internal media player allowing content to be uploaded and updated without any additional hardware.

Content can be uploaded and updated remotely, when using the embed software we supply. Alternatively, if you only want to show full screen images/ videos you can upload these manually from a USB stick.