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LCD(liquid crystal display) are one of today’s most popular display options.You’re probably already familar with LCD Technology due to its widespread use in consumer electronics like smart phones,computer monitors and television screens

An LCD is a flat panel display composed of a layer of liquid crystal between two pieces of polarized glass. When an electric current is applied, the liquid crystals shift, allowing light to pass through to create an image. Liquid crystals don’t produce their own light, so backlights are arranged behind the glass to illuminate the display. LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are the most common type of backlight used in modern LCD displays.
High resolutions
Due to their high pixel density, LCDs can provide some of the highest total resolutions of any technology available today. LCD video walls can display text, images, and video in sharp detail.
Reliable and resilient
LCDs are extremely reliable and can support 24/7 operations for years on end with no downtime. Since they’re composed of solid-state electronics and have no consumable parts, they’re also very resilient to environmental stressors like vibration, humidity, and UV light.
Low total cost of ownership
With minimal maintenance requirements, low power consumption, and long lifespans, LCDs offer a very low total cost of ownership, making them one of the most affordable display options in the long term.
Corporate Solutions
From first impressions to fruitful collaborations, Philips Professional Displays deliver real clarity and impact. Whether you’re rolling out a network of foyer TVs and meeting-room touchscreens. Or installing a standalone videowall in the security office.
Retail Solutions
Be seen. With stunning resolution and crisp contrast, Philips Professional Displays make a big impact. Whether it’s an ultra-high-brightness display attracting attention. Or a smart touchscreen, which can show content targeted to whoever’s looking.
Entertainment Solutions
Seamless, bezel-free videowalls at a gaming expo. Live sports results broadcast on professional-grade TVs. Whether it’s a temporary backdrop or a permanent network solution, Philips Professional Displays make it easy to inform and enthrall.
Public Venues Solutions

High-brightness Signage Displays. Touchscreen information stations. Professional TVs with head-turning picture quality. Philips Professional Displays make it easy to connect with visitors. From wayfinding to the keynote speech – hold their attention.